Youthful Glow Tea

Youthful Glow Tea

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Antioxidant powerhouse fighting free-radical damage all while stimulating collagen production!

Full-bodied berry notes, rosy in color, enhances mood

1.2 oz 

How to use: Steep 1 tsp in 8 oz of water at 208 for 7 minutes.  (tea is loose leaf please steep in steeper)

Each tea can be used internally and topically | 6 ways to use your Youthful Glow tea

Featured Ingredients

Hibiscus: a rich source of vitamin C, which is essential to produce collagen in your body

Elderberry:  loaded with anti-aging and free radical busting properties

All Ingredients: Rose*, Hibiscus*, Rosehips*, Elderberry*, Lemon Peel*. *indicates Organic ingredients