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Glow Skin Tea

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The innovative beauty tea for a fresh and vital complexion with a glow effect. 100% organic premium loose tea - rich in beauty boosters and antioxidants.

The yakuyo Glow Skin Tea Beauty Blend #1 is a dual-use beauty tea that intensively revitalizes your complexion and gives it a fresh, radiant and youthful appearance. Stressed skin is soothed, pimples and reddened skin are alleviated and the skin area is tightened. The yakuyo Glow Skin Tea is rightly considered the models' secret weapon before every photo shoot or catwalk appearance. The brewed beauty tea is suitable both for your tea time and for use as a nourishing cosmetic product. For a youthful look with a glow effect. 

Unique taste – revitalizing effect

This is made possible by a unique composition of high-quality raw materials, which are researched, processed and dosed with regard to their empirical effect. The Glow Skin Tea is naturally rich in plant-based antioxidants, vitamins and zinc. Super Fruits provide your skin with essential nutrients and fight free radicals. Elderberry tones and helps flush excess water from the body.

Fruity, fresh and light in taste. Only carefully selected premium teas find their way into Glow Skin Tea to guarantee a unique taste experience. The tea has a rich, fresh Super Fruits aroma and a filling texture that ends in a clear finish. The basis for this is white tea Pai Mu Tan. The nourishing composition is rounded off with elderflowers, goji berries, black currants and selected rose blossoms.

Glow Skin Tea is for you if you...

... you want radiant, vital and youthful skin.
... and your skin is exposed to particular stress.
... suffer from redness, pimples or irritated skin.
... want to give your body and soul a break.
... are looking for a tea that offers a very special taste experience.

The beauty tea with dual-use function

You can not only drink the yakuyo beauty tea. Due to the special composition of the ingredients, it is also ideal for your daily beauty ritual in combination with sheet masks. Place the sheet mask in boiled and slightly cooled tea for about 1 minute. The mask will now open. Remove the mask, unfold it completely, place it on your face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can spread the tea directly on your face with a mask brush and rinse off with clear water after 10 minutes.

100% premium tea and high quality ingredients 

Pai Mu Tan white tea, grape (grape, vegetable oil), elderflower, elderberry, goji berry, red currant, black currant, rose petal.

50 grams of tea correspond to approx. 45 cups of brewed tea.