Cleanse Skin Energy Team 

Sam Miller | Photographer

My speciality is landscape and portrait photography it allows me to travel to beautiful destinations and meet wonderful people along the way. I love capturing people doing what they love to do and sharing that experience with them.

Favorite part of receiving a facial | I love how great my skin feels and looks for the following days and weeks.

Fun fact about yourself | I can juggle.

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Cecillia Ramos | Social Media Manager

My passion and skill set is researching online media trends and creating content that is innovative and engaging for all users. I love being on the cutting edge of design and continuing to push creative marketing strategies. 

Favorite part of receiving a facial |  I love feeling relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I love seeing the difference in my skin too!

Fun fact about yourself | I’m obsessed with sunny weather but I live in Seattle. 

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Logan Mulvihill | Web Developer 

I’m a developer with a passion for creating simple responsive web applications with clean functionality. I enjoy bringing a project from ideation to reality piece by piece using will and a bit of ingenuity.  Mainly I use React.js JavaScript, CSS3, Bootstrap 4 and HTML5 when developing my applications and I’m always on the lookout for new tools, skills, and concepts to learn.

Favorite part of receiving a facial | Clean pore feeling afterwards.

Fun Fact about yourself | I’m an avid amateur chef. 

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