General FAQs

Where is CSE located?
CSE is located in Pasadena, California.

What skincare lines do you sell and why?

  • Diana Ralys Skin Health
  • Knours
  • Suntegrity
  • Steam Products
    When choosing skincare lines it was very important to that I myself love the formulas and believe in them.
    Ingredients: Having numerous family members including my father who has or has had cancer it was a top priority of mine to make sure the formulas are all non-toxic using organic ingredients when possible. Along with the ingredients being clean and safe, cruelty-free and sustainability were also a top concern. Our skincare ingredients should not wreak havoc on our animals, environment or our bodies.
    Sourcing: All skincare brands are locally made by women owned businesses.

    What is your return policy on the skincare products you sell?
    CSE encourages you to try our Skincare Starter Sets. Skincare is intimate, the smell and feel should resonate with you, as you will be using most of your skincare twice daily we want your skincare ritual to be a time you look forward to.
    Due to the handmade nature of these products CSE does not accept returns – unless damaged or defective upon arrival. If an item is defective upon arrival please get in touch with Rochelle immediately for a replacement (within 14 days): rochelle@cleanseskinenergy.com

    Do you offer discounts?
    There are no discounts available on facial services however there are discounts periodically on skincare products. Make sure to sign up for the CSEnewsletter to discover when the sales are going on. If you are an individual in need of financial assistance please email rochelle@cleanseskinenergy.com.  We can discuss your case and payment plan program for your services.  CSE accepts AfterPay on all skincare products.



    Should I wash my face before arriving for my CSE facial?
    You do not need to cleanse your skin before your arrival.  Rochelle will do a double cleanse to help remove any makeup, dirt, debris and pollution from your day.

     What should I wear to my CSE facial? 
    Dress comfortably, if you wear contacts Rochelle advices you take them out before your facial.  Wear limited jewelry, as you will be asked to remove it before the facial.  This will allow Rochelle to give you a relaxing neck, hand and arm massage. 

    Are extractions included in your facials?
    Rochelle believes in working with this skin, using manual lymphatic drainage to help drain toxins from the skin.  There are few cases where extractions are necessary.  

    Will my CSE facial hurt?
    Rochelle's approach is gentle yet effective using organic skincare and many massage techniques. Please note all skincare is organic, however everyone reacts differently to it.  If any skincare feels overstimulating please notify Rochelle right away. 

    Will I breakout after my CSE facial?
    Everyone reacts differently after their facial.  If you have congestion under the skin, it is possible it will come to surface after the facial.  We are stimulating blood flow, and draining toxins.  If you happen to breakout, Rochelle recommends treating the post-facial breakout with ice therapy.  Take an ice cube, roll it in turmeric powder, then roll the ice cube around the breakout.  Like fire, ice can burn, keep the ice moving!

     Will my skin be red after my CSE facial?
    Everyone reacts differently after their facial.  If your skin flushes during the facial please follow the steps below.  If you notice your skin is taking more than 3-5 days to calm down please email rochelle@cleanseskinenergy.com for more assistance.

    Can I resume to my normal skincare routine after my CSE facial?
    Keep it simple for the next 3 days.  Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and sunscreen. 

    Is it ok if I wear make up after my CSE facial?
    It is best to allow your skin to breathe after your facial.  If you feel more comfortable wearing makeup, please notify Rochelle and she will match you to a tinted sunscreen that will give you coverage and protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

    Can I workout after my CSE facial?
    Try taking an easy after your facial, and keeping your body temperature level.  Light yoga, or a walk is acceptable!

    How should I care for my skin internally after my CSE facial?
    Increase your water intake, load up on antioxidants with fruits and vegetables.  Avoid sugar, dairy, and greasy fried foods.