7 Winter Skincare Tips



It was late fall 2010 when I had decided I needed to move out of the suburbs and move to Chicago. To this day I can remember my parents warning me that I was going to need warmer clothing.  I was in total denial I grew up just 45 minutes out of the city, there is no way the weather could be that much different.  Well I had a very rude awakening when I got off the "L" and trekked the 10 blocks to work.  The wind chilled my bones, the melting snow had found it's way into my vegan leather boots and frozen my toes.  My cheeks were wind burned and my lips were chapped.  After I left work that day I ran to my favorite local boutique and invested in warmer clothing and some rain boots. 

When I moved to Los Angeles I remember my first winter thinking it's 75 and sunny year round, I won't need a heater my skin is going to thrive here.  Rude awakening number two!  It gets cold here, maybe not bone chilling cold like Chicago but it gets cold, to the point you do need heat.  My skin was not thriving, instead it started freaking out.  It became a dehydrated desert with frequent breakouts.  

How do we make sure our skin thrives during the winter months no matter where we are?!

1. Be mindful of water temps
Who doesn't love a long hot shower or bubble bath when it's cold outside?!  Hot water strips the skin of natural moisture that keeps it healthy, hydrated and protected. This also applies to the water temperature when cleansing your face.  Lukewarm water will help prevent dehydration, irritation and inflammation.  

2. Invest in a humidifier.  
During the winter months we turn on our heaters to make our homes cozy.  When we turn our heaters on this tends to make the air in our homes very dry.  This dryness can lead to dehydration in the skin.  Incorporating a humidifier in your bedroom and office will help keep your skin hydrated and glowing during the winter months.

3. Protect your lips
This year with cooler temperatures and wearing a mask you might notice your lips are dryer than usual.  Please avoid licking them as this will dry them out more.  Use a deep moisturizing lip cream day and night.

Just because the sun goes down earlier and there are gray days does not mean you should ditch your spf.  UVA rays also known as aging rays have a high rating all year round.  You want to protect your skin from the aging effects.  


5. Change up your skincare routine
Use a gentle milky cleanser, exfoliate less, switch out your lotion for a cream, invest in an overnight hydrating mask.  The skincare we used during summer/fall is not moisturizing enough for the dry winter months.  

6. Eat your water.
During the winter months we tend to indulge in sweets.  Processed sugar causes inflammation in the skin.  Try limiting the amount of processed sweets you indulge in and indulge in water dense fruits instead (apples, watermelon, tangerines, pineapple).

7. Protect your hands. 
Our hands have had a beating this year with all the washing and sanitizing, winter weather is not helping them.  When our hands are cracked and our skins barrier is compromised.  A compromised barrier can allow for foreign pathogens in our body.  Our skin is our protector from outside invaders.  Use a gentle non drying soap, moisturize and lock it all in with body oil.

Be present. Be kind. Be YOU!






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