Herbal Teas for your Skin

There is something nostalgic about sipping on my daily tea, that brings up memories of picking out Christmas trees with my family and nightly tea time with my college roommate. It wasn’t until I became an esthetician that my love and understanding of tea grew. I had become an avid coffee drinker living in Los Angeles and became reliant on the caffeine. It had caused my skin to become dull and dehydrated, along with causing anxiety and my hands became shaky while giving facials. I knew I had to ditch the coffee and get back to tea. Not only has tea brighten my complexion, but the aromas also trigger beautiful memories, warms my body, and calms my mind.

Tea has physical, mental, and spiritual healing properties. Drinking tea helps our physical body by providing it with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Our minds are super powerful, and our anxious thoughts can wreak havoc on our bodies. Tea induces calmness and helps keep our brain focused. Taking time to be present sipping your tea allows you to reconnect with yourself.

Recently I introduced a calming CBD tea ceremony to my facials. Living and working in Los Angeles we are all on the go and many times we do not know how to turn off, even during our self-care time. I wanted to give my clients time to turn off and fully be present. Before each facial, I make a blend of herbs for my client and their needs.



Burdock Root: Burdock root gently detoxes the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder while purifying your blood and increasing circulation. Burdock also helps with digestion and relieves constipation. Constipation can cause high toxicity in the blood leading to skin inflammation, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and skin discoloration.

Calendula: Many skin concerns stem from our gut, calendula helps repair and improve gut function. Calendula has antiseptic properties, which are helpful for healing wounds and preventing acne. Hydrates and nourishes dry itchy skin while slowing down signs of aging.

Chamomile: Chamomile tea is a relaxing, calming tea that promotes restful sleep. Sleep helps our body reset, and it is essential for good skin health. While we sleep our body detoxes from the day and our skin’s hydration re-balances. It’s calming properties make chamomile great for sensitive, irritated skin and inflamed breakouts. Although it is known for a night time tea, chamomile if high in quercetin, which protects your skin from sun damage.


Dandelion Root: I often recommend dandelion root tea to those who eat a diet high in animal protein, consume alcohol regularly, or have high stress. Dandelion root helps support liver function. Many people automatically think ok I can limit my alcohol intake. Well, that is a start. Your liver not only removes toxins like alcohol from our system, but your liver is also responsible for breaking down fat and animal protein (this includes dairy). When you consume a diet high in fat and animal protein you can overwork your liver and cause inflammation, try to limit your intake of these foods. Dandelion root is also full of antioxidants that help fight signs of aging.

Gotu Kola: This “fountain of youth” herb helps gotu kola is rich in triterpene saponins, a compound that helps keep skin tighter and firmer. It stimulates collagen production and skin tissue, giving you a healthy youthful glow! Along with being a “fountain of youth” gotu kola helps calm stressed-out nerves.

Licorice: Licorice root tea helps with collagen production and skin elasticity. There are three active compounds found in licorice root, glycyrrhizin, glabridin, and liquiritin. These compounds have anti-inflammatory properties that help with eczema, psoriasis and hyperpigmentation.

My Favorite combinations:

Youthful Skin: Rose, Hibiscus, Elderberry, Rosehip, Lemon 

Clear Skin: Peppermint, Spearmint, Rooibos, Dandelion, Burdock

Sensitive Skin: Chamomile, Turmeric, Calendula, Dandelion 



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