Skin Stories: Mask(NE) and a Beauty Queen

Last year pre-pandemic Kennedy was coming to me for her monthly facials.  At the time our focus was calming her sensitive skin and simply just nourishing it.  The only time she would see a blemish was during that lovely time of the month.  

During the pandemic, Kennedy started noticing blemishes only around her chin that were not related to her lovely time of the month but brought on by wearing a mask.  Who else can relate to this?!

Over the past 6 months she was trying everything to combat the breakouts.  Nothing was fully helping, as soon as she would get one under control another one would pop up.  I think many of us can relate to this.  It can be frustrating and can get costly buying new products every few weeks that promise to be the "cure."

Kennedy started coming back in recently and we went through her current skincare routine.  I noticed she was using a lot of acne products that had many drying ingredients in them.  Many times with acne kits they focus on drying out the acne, this sounds like a great plan, however, this can dehydrate the skin.  When the skin is dehydrated it starts producing more oil tit's the skin's way to try and compensate for a lack of moisture.  This will usually cause more breakouts, so it becomes a vicious cycle.  Instead of starting her on a whole new program, we complimented her existing program with products that would help balance her skin and add hydration to her skin.  After a couple of weeks, her skin is clearing up and is more balanced!  She has been consistent with her home care and we have set her up on a facial program to get her skin GLOWING for competing in Miss Indiana USA! 

That is right this beauty is representing our hometown in Miss Indiana USA!  We joked recently about how I use to change her diapers when she was a baby and now I am giving her facials.  I have watched this beauty grow up over the years and now she is all grown up and she is KILLING IT!  She has beauty, brains, with a heart of GOLD!  

Follow her along on the journey! 
1. Pageant photo taken by @samcmillerphotography
2. During the pandemic
3. Prior to first facial after pandemic
4. After 3 weeks of new skincare regimen and facial at Cleanse Skin Energy

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