How to care for your skin after a facial?

Let's talk about how to care for yourself after a facial.
  1. Keep your body temperature level after your facial.  What does this mean? You will want to avoid working out, going into a sauna or hot tub for the remainder of the day after your facial. The increase in heat and potential sweat can irritate your fresh skin!
  2. Avoid wearing heavy makeup after your facial.  Your skin has just been deeply cleansed and wants to breathe, allow it to breathe and avoid potentially clogging your pores. 
  3. Keep your home care routine simple for at least 3 days after your facial.  By simple I mean: Cleanse with a gentle cleanser using lukewarm water, mist your skin with hydrating essence or mist that is alcohol and fragrance-free (Rosewater or Soothing Hydration are my go tos), moisturize, and protect with SPF! 
  4. Avoid PICKING, yes sometimes a blemish may surface after a facial.  Blemishes do take about 7 days to surface, so if a blemish does appear the day after it is due to the fact the blemish had been forming prior to the facial.  Ice the blemish with a turmeric ice cube, roll the ice cube around the blemish, and you will notice it will calm the inflammation and swelling.  Picking can spread bacteria and cause scarring.  
  5. Wait 5 days before you exfoliate your skin.  During your facial, we do a professional-grade exfoliation, your skin needs time to bounce back.  Over exfoliating the skin can disrupt your skin barrier, this can lead to over oil production, clogged pores, dehydration, fine lines, and more.  Less is always more.
  6. SPF is ESSENTIAL. We just pampered your skin and we want to prevent signs of aging and skin cancer. Wearing SPF daily is the best way to ensure this.

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