How often should I get a professional facial?!

Professional facials are recommended every 4 weeks.  This does depend on your skincare concerns and goals. 

1. Deeper exfoliation. When your skin has had a deeper exfoliation it allows products to penetrate deeper and improves skins ability to retain hydration.
2. Youthful glow. As we mature our skins cell turnover slows down. This can cause your skin to look dull, you may notice fine lines. During a facial we will help slough off dead skin and create a youthful glow.
3. Facial massage. This is not only for your relaxation but also benefits your skin. Facial massage helps stimulate blood flow and circulation. Believe it or not it’s is a workout for your facial muscles (tone and tighten!). 4. Soothe and Calm. Calm and soothe any irritation in the skin. This could be someone with acne or someone who is over processing their skin. We will work on creating balance in your skin.
5. Knowledge. You get access to a professional who can help educate you and guide you through your skin journey. Educate you on what products would work best for your skin.
6. Consistently gets results. Whether your skincare goal is to have clear skin or no signs of aging you must be consistent. If you want a toned body you must be consistent with your workouts, eating habits, lifestyle choices. The same goes with your skin.
7. Energetically Re-Charge. Take time for YOU each month to RE-charge your mind, body and spirit. YOU deserve it.

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