Eating for Health

Eating for health sounds so simple yet how many of us actually eat for our health? I thought this topic would be so easy for me to talk about, and yet this has been the hardest post for me to write. Why? Because I am not perfect and I personally haven’t always eaten for my health.

For most of my life I chose what and how I ate based off of the fear of gaining weight. At 14 I became vegetarian and vegan at 22. I thought giving up meat and animal products made me healthier, which they do. However I would sneak a vegan donut here and vegan milkshake there. My cravings for sweets and simple refined carbohydrates got out of control.

This summer I decided to take a course in plant-based nutrition to motivate me more to really understand and put in practice what it means to eat for health. My weight is no longer why I choose what I eat, I try hard everyday to pick foods that will provide me with the most variety of nutrients. I have gone from counting calories to counting nutrients.

There are two wonderful apps that I live by Cronometer and Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen. Cronometer breaks down your food and shows you what vitamins and minerals you are getting. I use this all the time to see where I am getting too much or not enough of certain vitamins and minerals and add different foods in to help balance my diet. My other favorite app is a simple checklist, Dr. Greger created it and he designed it to help you eat a health balanced diet daily. This app is a great way to have a friendly competition with your family, my boyfriend and I have made it our and push each other to reach 20 out of 24 on the check list 5 days a week.

My go to books on Eating for Health

The China Study

How Not To Die

The Beauty Detox Solution

The End of Dieting


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