What to expect from a CSE Facial?

It was my first non-toxic facial in Chicago and I was uber excited to experience it. Right, when I walked into the spa I was welcomed with blissful aromas and beautiful bohemian staff. Not long after walking in my esthetician greeted me and walked me back to her treatment room. As I lay there on the table my esthetician firmly cleansed, massage, and slathered on a mask or two. I was in heaven and everything smelled so amazing.

Fast forward seven years and now I am in school for esthetics, looking back on my first facial experience. I realized I was never asked any questions about my skincare goals, allergies, and contraindications. I wasn’t told how to take care of my skin afterward. At the time I didn’t know any better, but now I was concerned. How many people get facials and their esthetician doesn’t ask them questions before their facial and they have a reaction to a product used?


School only taught me to much, it was Hayley at Therapeutic Skin Coach who I have to thank for taking me under her wings and expanding my knowledge. There is much more to a facial than just the tools used and skincare. It is a whole-body experience, from how we view ourselves, to the food we eat, to how we deal with stress. After performing my first facial using what Hayley had taught me I saw a huge difference in how clients felt about their skin.

Before your first facial at Cleanse Skin Energy I do require a thorough consultation form to be completed. This form asks questions varying from your stress level, genetic makeup, eating habits, and your skin care regimen. Once in the treatment room, I will cleanse your skin and access what treatment would be best suited for you based on your current skin condition and your skincare goals. I encourage all questions as I walk you through your first facial. Immediately after the facial, take your time to get up have some water and dark chocolate. You are sent home with easy to follow aftercare instructions, for optimal healthy skin. A few days following your facial I send your consultation back to you with all my notes and tips explaining how each question relates to your skin. I want my clients to leave the treatment room feeling empowered and educated about their skin and how everything in the lifestyle affects it.

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