Beautiful Imperfections

I remember riding the bus home from middle school and one of my classmates looked at me and asked me why my hair was thinning.  As soon as I got home I asked my mom why it was thinning, I didn't want to be different.  My mother reassured me that I had nothing to worry about and that I was beautiful inside and out.  While as the years went on it got worse and worse and it was no longer something I wanted to be different for.  While going to specialists and never getting any clear answers as to why this was happening I kept thinking about how I wanted to create a magazine that featured real women and their beautiful imperfections.  I wanted women to celebrate their imperfections and find beauty in them.  However, it was really hard for me to do that when I wasn't accepting of my own flaws.  Well, guess what, it is time for a change!  This is my first blog and I want this to be a safe place for all to embrace their imperfections.  I am a licensed esthetician who loves helping others feel the best in the skin they are in.  

After years of going to specialists and them giving me every pill and topical treatment and seeing no results, I got fed up and started doing my own research.  No one was getting to the root of what was causing the issue they were simply putting a band-aid over it.  This blog is for those who have been through the same thing in their skincare journey.   Skincare is more than just a topical cream or magic serum.  Your skin is a reflection of your diet, hormones, amount of sleep you get, stress level and so much more.  Let's get to the root of your skin concerns!

This is my online magazine that embraces our imperfections with real women.  The blog post will focus on skin, plant-based nutrition, self-care, and women in wellness.  You will also be able to shop my favorite wholesome beauty products very soon.  I encourage comments and questions. 

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