6 ways to use your Goddess Tea Ritual 

Before the pandemic CSE was offering a calming CBD tea ceremony before facials.  Each blend was made to heal and nourish your skin from within.  I am super excited to announce you will now have the opportunity to have those same teas for your home self-care!  The Goddess Tea Ritual is here!!  Not only can you drink each tea,  but you can also use the teas topically!!

Home facial steaming seems to be a hot trend, a trend that isn't beneficial for the skin.  Steaming the skin is often done in professional facials, and I have found it is not beneficial at all.  Steam is very drying to the skin, and can irritate sensitive skin.  Herbal compress are a great way to start your facial that will help stimulate lymph flow and gently detox the skin without causing irritation. 

You can do an herbal compress after your second cleanse in the evening.  I recommend preparing the compress 15 minutes before you begin cleansing your skin. You will take 2 teaspoons of your favorite CSE tea place it in a bowl, then pour 2 cups of hot water over the tea.  Allow the tea to steep for 15 minutes.  After you cleanse you skin submerge a clean towel into the tea.  You will want to ring it out an fan it out a bit, before applying to your face, make sure to test the heat of it on your wrist.  You do not want the towel to burn your skin.  You want it to be just warm enough for comfort.  Cover your face with the towel and gently press the warm towel into your skin.  

Now that your skin is cleansed, treat your skin to a vitamin packed hydrating mask. Take 1/4 teaspoon of your favorite CSE tea and grind in a clean coffee grinder.  You want the herbs to be a powder consistency.  Place your herbs in a small mask bowl, and mix in 1 teaspoon of manuka honey.  With your hands glide the mask onto your face and leave on for 10-15 minutes.

Manuka honey will help calm any inflammation in the skin, while deeply moisturizing the skin.  Great for all skin types!

Many times we have different concerns on different areas of our face.  I get hormonal breakouts  on my chin and I am more concerned about fine lines on my forehead.   Multimask!  Use two different mask to help address both of your concerns!

Clarify | Excess oil, Acne 
Youthful Glow | Signs of Aging 
Calming | Soothe redness and irritation 

Ice therapy is one of my favorite ways to end a facial, it helps soothe the skin and well it just feels amazing.  Along with soothing the skin ice therapy helps reduce any puffiness, calms inflamed acne, and reduces signs of aging.   

With ice, like fire it can burn, please keep the ice moving on the skin, do not leave in one spot for more than a few seconds.

Take 1 teaspoon of loose lea tea add 8 oz of boiling water and allow to steep for 20 minutes.  Place in ice trays and allow to set up overnight.

Sip on it, each tea is blended to heal and nourish your skin during any time of the day.  

Clarify Tea: Aids your body in digestion, supports liver health, while balancing oil production and combatting hormonal breakouts!

Youthful Glow: Antioxidant powerhouse fighting free-radical damage all while stimulating collagen production!

Calming Tea: Calm inflammation and irritation in the skin while calming your mind and body for restful sleep.

Infuse it!  Herbal infusions are very similar to tea, only the herbs steep longer.  When the herbs steep longer you get more medicinal benefit from the herbs.  

Infusions can be done with hot or cold water.  I personally love using room temperature water.  In a 8 oz mason jar you will add 2 tablespoons of dried herbs and then add water to it.  Seal the jar and allow it to sit overnight.  In the morning you will strain out the herbs and drink the infusion.   

You can add infused ice cubes to your infusion.  This is a great midday pick-me-up!

Make a latte! A warm cozy drink to sip on while you unwind for the day.  

Try a CSE golden latte using Calming tea 
or a Mint latte using Clarify 

1 teaspoon of Clarify or Calming
8 oz of your favorite non dairy milk (heated up)
1/2 teaspoon manuka honey 
Allow the herbs to steep in milk for 8-10 minutes and then strain them, add honey.  Sip and enjoy!

While things are slowly getting back to "normal" I ask that you try to take some time to really enjoy your tea, however you use it. 
Be present and set an intention.